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Film Company Seeks Families Living With Autism

Pie Town Productions, which has produced television shows for Discovery, TLC, and A&E, including the Emmy award-winning A Baby Story, is seeking families with multiple children diagnosed with Asperger’s and/or autism. They are planning a documentary-style series to shed light on misconceptions about the disorders.

The company would like to connect with families who have two or more children on the autism spectrum who are under 18 years of age and live at home. Focusing on a family with multiple children with ASD will allow the series to explore how it affects each individual differently. Their stated intent is to follow such a family and produce a thoughtful and respectful series leading to greater understanding and sensitivity about the disorders through the real-life perspectives of the family members featured.

You can find out more about Pie Town Productions at They are currently producing Meat and Potatoes for the Food Network and the family documentary series Downsized for WE. If your family is interested, you can contact Lauri Lannan at 818-255-9277.