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TIES Center

TIES Center is the national technical assistance center on inclusive practices and policies. It works with states, districts, and schools to support the movement of students with disabilities from less inclusive to more inclusive environments. They provide specialized resources on supporting students with disabilities who are participating in virtual learning.

Debunking the Myths of Supported Decision-Making and Guardianship

This webinar will describe guardianship and less restrictive decision-making alternatives, as well as help debunk some of the myths about guardianship and supported decision-making that persist.

Future Decisions

Everyone’s ability to make decisions changes across a lifetime, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). People with IDD and their families must plan for these changes so that decisions can be made, even in a crisis. In this resource, learn how to plan for future decisions and ensure the wishes of people with disabilities are accounted for and respected.

Guardianship Myths

There are many myths about guardianship that people with IDD and their families should understand. This resource details these myths and debunks them.

Decision-Making Supports

In this resource, learn what supports are available to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities make decisions.