Armstrong v. Exceptional Child Care Center, Inc.

State: Idaho

Filed: 2014

Court: U.S. Supreme Court

Overview: The brief supported a group of Idaho providers of services for people with IDD seeking reimbursement from their state Medicaid agency that failed to implement new provider rates published by the agency and approved by the federal government. The brief argued that the providers had a private right of action and that Idaho’s failure to implement the new rates violated the Medicaid Act’s equal access position.

Excerpt: “[P]rivate suits with respect to the Medicaid Act…are critical to assure that people with disabilities, particularly those who live in poverty or are elderly, get the health care they need and deserve, and that they have recourse to the federal courts and do not need to depend on an overburdened federal agency to revoke funding when they do not receive such care. Such necessary Medicaid Act services include the home- and community-based programs serving people with disabilities at issue in this suit –‘residential habilitation’ services, provided in supported living environments, and designed to help people with intellectual disabilities to live successfully in the community.”

Case Documents

Amicus Brief: Armstrong v. Exceptional Child Care Center, Inc.

U.S. Supreme Court Opinion