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The Importance of Talking About Sex: The Elephant in the Room

This webinar explains why it is important for people, parents, and families to talk about sexuality and healthy intimate relationships.

Planning for and Using Technology Across a Lifespan

This webinar reviews the steps that people and their families should take to evaluate any needs that a person has that can be assisted by technology and provides tips and resources that families can use to find relevant technology.

Aging and IDD: Planning for Growing Older

This webinar reviews the aging process and discusses what successful aging looks like for people with IDD.

Paid Family and Medical Leave: The Disability Angle

Webinar of paid leave report from The Arc and the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality.

Policing & People with Disabilities Webinar Series: A Call for Procedural Justice

This webinar covers procedural justice, an overview of the history and current efficacy of procedural justice principles, and examples of how procedural justice can impact policing practices with the disability community.