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Mental Health Courts and Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Criminal Justice Solution?

This webinar covers mental health courts that were created to divert people away from prison into long-term community-based services, but their efficacy for the IDD population is unclear.

Policing & People with Disabilities Webinar Series: Community-Based Strategies for Reform

This webinar goes beyond discussions of traditional law enforcement training to incorporate community-centered approaches, including self-advocates as trainers and increasing employment opportunities for those with IDD in first responder agencies.

Policing & People with Disabilities Webinar Series: The Intersection of Race, Disability, and Policing

This webinar explores intersections that increase implicit bias and discrimination toward people with disabilities, how the media portrays stories of police misconduct, and how the criminal justice system can be held accountable.

Competency of Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System: A Call to Action for the Criminal Justice Community

This webinar covers the competency to stand trial process, the differences between competency and the insanity defense, competency evaluation wait times, and the impact that guardianship and supported decision-making have on competency in criminal cases.

The Attorney Client Relationship: Bridging the Gap Between Attorneys, Clients With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and Their Families

This webinar explores how the Gordo family was able to work with their defense attorney to achieve a modest success and get the charges reduced from a major felony to a misdemeanor.