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What’s On the Docket?

What’s On the Docket?

Recent examples of our litigation work include:

    • Ongoing class action lawsuit against the State of Georgia for unlawfully discriminating against thousands of students with disabilities by providing them with a separate and unequal education via a statewide system of segregated and inferior schools in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, and the U.S. Constitution.


    • Ongoing representation of a client with intellectual disability found incompetent to stand trial following criminal charges, but left to languish in federal prison indefinitely due to the state’s failure to take responsibility for his custody and provide the client services and treatment in the most integrated setting appropriate as required by the ADA.


  • A favorable settlement with a property owners’ association (POA) in Delaware following the state’s finding of discrimination. The complaint alleged that the POA violated the Fair Housing Act when it refused to approve The Arc Delaware’s acquisition of property intended to serve individuals with IDD in the community.