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The Arc’s Leaders Invited to the White House for High Level Briefings and to Advocate for People With Disabilities

Washington, DC – Tomorrow, 150 leaders of The Arc from across the country will attend a White House Community Leaders Briefing. Over the course of the day, leaders of chapters of The Arc, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), will be briefed by high level White House and Administration officials on topics ranging from Medicaid to education to community living and employment for people with IDD, and have the chance to engage with and ask questions of these officials.

“This opportunity comes at a pivotal time for The Arc in our work to advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our chapter leaders will add an invaluable perspective, from the front lines of our movement, in our ongoing conversations with senior officials at the White House. I’m looking forward to The Arc’s network flooding the halls of the White House and listening to advocates from across the country tell their stories,” said Peter V. Berns, CEO of The Arc.

During the day-long event, participants will hear from senior White House and administration officials. Additionally, there will be a series of policy breakout sessions that will allow for more detailed discussions on certain issue areas, like community living, education, and Medicaid. The purpose of these briefings is to allow White House and administration officials to hear from leaders of The Arc about how government policies affect the lives of people with IDD and impact their ability to live full, independent lives. This unique, face-to-face opportunity to speak directly to people in positions to make change from within the government will allow leaders of The Arc to make the voices of the millions of people with IDD heard at the White House. As The Arc gears up to raise awareness of IDD during Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March , chapter leaders can take home new tools to help individuals in their communities utilize programs of the federal government.

“The Arc, as one of the largest organizations working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, brings a wealth of experience and insight to discuss today’s most important concerns facing persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We’re looking forward to having them here at the White House to deepen our partnership, and to discuss the issues we care about most,” Jon Carson, the Director of the Office of Public Engagement at the White House.