Emergency Planning: Preparing for the Unexpected

As we begin to come out of the current phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a time for reflection. How can we plan for crises and emergencies? Emergency planning is tough but important. Planning ahead can help ensure that you, your family, and people with disabilities know what to do when crises happen. Now more than ever, we are learning to adapt when we are isolated, the importance of pre-establishing key relationships in the community, and pre-planning for any emergency. Our webinar speaker will provide tips and strategies that people with disabilities, families, and disability professionals can use to help plan for when disasters strike. Many of our tips will be applicable to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but we also will provide strategies that you can use to prepare for different types of emergencies.

Speaker Bio:
Jill Pidcock is the Executive Director of The Arc of the Central Mountains in Colorado. Jill serves on several Boards of Directors and Committees to further her efforts to increase awareness and put plans and services into action, including Colorado Collaboration for Autism and other Neurological Disability Options (CO-CANDO) and Family Supports and Services Program for the local Community Centered Board. She is also on the Early Dispute Resolution Advisory Board and is a facilitator for Parents Encouraging Parents (PEP), two programs managed by the Colorado Department of Education.

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Preparedness Workbook-English

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Video: Preparing for Disasters