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President’s Day Recess Advocacy Tools

Members of Congress will be back home this week for the President’s Day recess – and they need to hear from you! This recess, please urge Congress to support community living funding through the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program. This vital program has provided federal funds to states to transition individuals with disabilities and the aging population out of institutional settings and back into their communities. The program expired in late 2016 and the programs are being dismantled across the country, we must act now to extend this program!

Below are tools and resources to support your advocacy:

  1. Promote the Action Alert
    Share this action alert with your networks to direct calls to Members of Congress to sponsor and support the bill.
  2. Share Stories about Community Living
    Stories about community living strengthen The Arc’s advocacy! Ask activists to share their stories about what community living means to them and their families. They can share their stories here.
  3. Go to Town Hall Events & Ask Questions
    Getting a group of advocates together to attend a Town Hall event hosted by a Member of Congress can be a strong way to show community support for an issue. Find Town Hall events near you at! Print this branded sign with The Arc logo and fill it in with your own message, or “Support Community Living.”

Please tell us about your recess advocacy by filling out this short form. Thank you for your advocacy!