Sex Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Call to Action for the Criminal Justice Community

This webinar examines the complicated issue of those with IDD being charged and convicted of sexual crimes and offers important guidance to criminal justice professionals.
Through NCCJD’s national information and referral process, we continue to see cases of sex offenses by people with IDD that are well outside the stereotypical instances portrayed by the media. NCCJD’s white paper and webinar on the topic will highlight current issues in the field, as well as promising practices from across the country including:

  • Writing a community safety plan
  • Research from Ohio focusing on the characteristics and offense patterns of 160 individuals with DD
  • Ohio’s response to addressing the service needs of individuals with IDD who have been convicted of committing a sexual offense
  • Specialized employment services for people with disabilities and sex offending behavior
  • Evaluations and risk assessments of people with IDD
  • An overview of the negative impact of Megan’s law consequences on the IDD population
  • Right to representation and how to provide effective representation to this population

Webinar participants will be the first to obtain NCCJD’s white paper on the topic of sex offenders with IDD which delves even deeper into the issues addressed on the webinar. Join us for this thought-provoking and empowering webinar.

Session Slides
Session Slides (Addendum: No Video)