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Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Dementia; Assessment and Healthcare Practices

Seth Keller, MD, Past President of the AADMD and Co-Chair of the National Task Group on IDD and Dementia Practices, reviews how changes in function can be assessed so that an accurate and early diagnosis of dementia can be determined. 

Putting Nutrition on Your Radar 

Judith Dodd, registered dietician, takes an in-depth look at the facts versus fallacies to divulge what’s true and expose what’s not in current nutrition/diet guidelines.

Oral Health, Disease, and Prevention 

Dennis McTigue DDS, MS, professor of Pediatric Dentistry at Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry, speaks about the causes of dental diseases and the preventative methods/techniques to take that will help to reduce this epidemic in the IDD population.

Barriers to Physical Activity in Individuals With IDD

Dr. James Rimmer, Director of the Lakeshore Foundation/University of Alabama explores factors that play a role in reduced physical activity in people with IDD and discuss lifestyle choices and organizational change to help improve their health.

Women’s Health Issues Over a Lifespan 

Dr. Suzanne Smeltzer, Professor and Director for the Center for Nursing Research at Villanova University speaks about the health issues affecting women with disabilities throughout their lifespan, including common age-related issues, such as osteoporosis