The Arc@School Advocacy Curriculum

While the process of determining what services and supports a student with disabilities needs at school is meant to be collaborative, the process can break down when students or their families and school staff disagree about the supports the student needs. Federal laws describe the services and supports available to students with disabilities, but students and parents often struggle to advocate on their own for appropriate educational services, and many seek help from a special education advocate. While both attorneys and non-attorney lay advocates are available to assist students and their families, lay advocates are an important resource for students and families who cannot afford an attorney, cannot find an attorney, or want to resolve their disagreements without involving an attorney. This curriculum is designed for individuals who are working with or advocating on behalf of children with disabilities in special education matters, including: chapters of The Arc; non-attorney advocates not affiliated with The Arc; parents and other family members; educators and related service providers. The curriculum is available at no cost for chapters of The Arc and for just $175 for all other advocates.