Policing & People with Disabilities Webinar Series: The Intersection of Race, Disability, and Policing

Join NCCJD as we delve into the topic of policing people with disabilities, with a focus on people of color and women with disabilities. This webinar was the first in our 2017 Policing People with Disabilities series that educates law enforcement, other criminal justice professionals, people with disabilities, family members, and disability advocates about the various intersections that play into discrimination and violence toward people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) within the criminal justice system and how we can address the issue by examining innovative programs and potential solutions from around the country.


Lorrell Kilpatrick, Social Justice Advocate; Everybody Counts, North Indiana
Janine Jackson, Board Member, African American Policy Forum
Ronald Hampton, Advisory Board Member, National Police Accountability Project
David M. Perry, Disability Rights Journalist and History Professor at Dominican University