Brown v. D.C.

State: District of Columbia

Filed: 2018

Court: U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

Overview: The brief supported a class of plaintiffs with physical disabilities seeking transition services from institutional to community-based living in D.C. The brief argued that transition services are vital to realize the promise of the ADA and that courts around the country have imposed binding obligations for effective transition services for people with disabilities and monitoring compliance for actual improvement.

Excerpt: “The ADA culminated decades of effort to end the discrimination faced by more than 54,000,000 Americans with disabilities. The Act mandates that people with disabilities have equal access to the basic institutions of government and participation in society. 2 And yet, even with housing and community service providers offering improved access to the community, the goals of the ADA remain elusive without effective transition services guiding individuals out of institutional settings and into their communities.”

Case Documents

Amicus Brief: Brown v. D.C.