Dozens of small people icons forming a map of the United States

The Census Is Here: Are You Ready to Be Counted?

Dozens of small people icons forming a map of the United States

Did you receive a letter from the census and are wondering what it is and what you need to do? In 2020, it is easier than ever to complete your census from home.

The census seeks to account for every individual living in the United States. But many people with disabilities are left out of the count—harmfully impacting funding, services, and supports. Making sure you and your community are counted in the 2020 Census is an easy and important way to advocate for people with disabilities. After reading this introduction to the census, head to our census page for more resources and information, including information about how group homes are being counted.

What is the census?

Every 10 years, everyone in the United States is counted through the census. This data impacts many things:

  • How much money state and local governments get;
  • Where that money goes, like Medicaid, housing vouchers, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and education programs; and
  • How many representatives each state gets in the House of Representatives.

Why does it matter?

When the government does not have an accurate count of who is living in communities, they do not know how much money the community needs. When there isn’t enough money, services and programs for people with disabilities can be cut.

When everyone is counted, our communities get their fair share of federal funding to help keep all people safe and healthy—something that even more important now as we navigate COVID-19. Health care, education, and emergency planning all depend on getting an accurate census count.

What types of questions does it ask?

They will ask a short list of questions about everyone in your household, including demographics like age, sex, and race.

How do I complete it?

Even with many self-isolating, it’s easy to complete. It takes just a few minutes to fill out and can be done safely right in the comfort of your home. You can fill out the census in three ways: online, over the phone, or by mail. First they will mail the forms, and later, census workers will visit households who have not yet responded.

For more information and free resources, visit Los recursos también son disponibles en español!

People with disabilities count—make sure you’re counted!