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MediSked and The Arc Release 2018 Disability Data Digest

Building on the joint 2015 IDD Data Digest, MediSked and The Arc of the United States are proud to announce the release of the 2018 Disability Data Digest, a compilation of the latest statistics from the disability field, displayed in an easy to read infographic format.

In the age of information, it can be difficult to discern what data is reliable, relevant, timely, and accurate. This resource provides a snapshot of today’s disability community and highlights the areas in which progress has been made toward achieving parity in access to opportunity and basic human rights, while also delineating the many challenges that still face individuals with IDD in striving for inclusion and equality.

The report includes detailed statistics about the following topic areas:

  • Population and Demographics
  • Socio-Economic Profile
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Independence and Decision-Making
  • Living in the Community
  • Long Term Supports and Services
  • Direct Support Professional Crisis
  • Family Caregiving and Natural Supports
  • Disability and the Justice System

We’ve included a fillable State & Local Advocacy Data Toolkit that is linked to resources and databases which contain state-specific data to support local-level advocacy campaigns. Additionally, we have made each of the individual infographics from the Data Digest available for use, with proper citations. You can utilize these resources to identify vital statistics in your state and community to fuel advocacy efforts.

Click here to download the 2018 Disability Data Digest.