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Present at the 2013 National Convention

We are currently seeking proposals for innovative, motivating, and interactive presentations for our 2013 National Convention in Bellevue, Washington. Next year’s theme “Achieving Momentum” reflects The Arc’s continuing progress and forward movement. Each year, we are growing not only as an organization but as a grassroots movement working in communities across the country to promote our mission. Utilizing new technologies and innovative programs, we are extending our reach and more importantly making more of an impact.

The Arc encourages proposals that reflect our core values, involve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), family members, advocates and/or professionals, and/or provide opportunities for participants to walk away with a vision and concrete plan for action.

As we continue to achieve momentum in all we do as an organization, we have specific topics we want to discuss during next year’s convention:

  • Technology: Presentations/Sessions that introduce and/or educate individuals about how technology can improve the lives of individuals with IDD by assisting them in school, work, recreational activities, and facilitate better inclusion in their communities either through assistive technology, online educational tools or better communications and operations systems for more effective delivery of services.
  • Family Support: Presentations/Sessions that demonstrate creative supports for family members as they work to help promote their loved ones’ full inclusion in the community. This can include community activities or groups, programs, community tools or online resources that can be utilized by family members to assist them with advocating for their family members, communicating with their family members and each other, planning for the future and accessing services and supports.
  • Chapter Innovations: Presentations/Sessions that demonstrate innovative programming or initiatives of chapters of The Arc or collaborations with community partners which are propelling the intellectual and developmental disability community forward, either by providing innovative avenues for inclusion, increased competitive employment, better and/or more efficient services and supports, or the development of innovative leadership, collaboration, fundraising/friend-raising, or operational activities that can serve as best practice examples for other nonprofit organizations.
  • Growing the Grassroots: Presentations/Sessions that demonstrate progressive and impactful advocacy for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the local, state, regional or national level through the development and mobilization of a strong grassroots advocacy community.

Please keep in mind that concurrent sessions will be held between August 2-4, 2013. As a presenter, you must be available on these dates. We encourage self-advocate participation in all sessions as participants and presenters. Submit your application using this form.

The deadline for submission of presentation ideas is February 1, 2013. Selection of presentations will take place on or about March 29, 2013. Please contact Laurie Edson, Director of Chapter Excellence, at if you have any questions.