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Violence in the Lives of People With Disabilities: Emerging Issues and Solutions for 2015 and Beyond

This webinar discusses the National Crime Victim Survey's finding that people with disabilities face a much greater risk of being victimized compared to those without disabilities and addresses emerging issues in the field.

People With Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System: Promising Legislation for Statewide Reforms

This webinar explores promising legislation that could help criminal justice and disability professionals understand these important issues from a national viewpoint and get an idea of what types of legislation are being passed and why. 

Siblings and Future Planning

This webinar offers perspectives on sibling support from two siblings of people with IDD.

First Steps in Future Planning: Expressing Future Wishes and Financial Planning

This webinar discusses important elements that families may want to include as they document future wishes, as well as an overview of financial planning and the importance of establishing a special needs trust.

Suspects/Offenders' Issues Series: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs: Lessons Learned on Working with Police

This webinar explores how Crisis Intervention Teams have helped local communities come together to improve interactions between police and people living with psychiatric disabilities.