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Robertson v. District of Columbia

Class action lawsuit challenging DC’s Office of the State Superintendent for Education for failing to provide safe, reliable, and effective transportation to and from schools for children with disabilities, thereby denying students equal access to their education and unnecessarily segregating them from their peers.

Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine

Amicus brief arguing that it is not the role of courts to substitute their evaluation of drug safety and effectiveness in place of the FDA's expert determinations.

Storytelling Toolkit for People With Disabilities and Advocates

This toolkit will help you create and share your story. Sharing your story can help raise awareness, change policy, and generate support for people with disabilities and their families.

Intersections of Disability and Rurality: Elevating Family Voices

Learn about how poverty, living in rural areas, caregiving, and having a disability can overlap and create higher risks and vulnerability.

Introduction to The Arc@School Advocacy Curriculum in Spanish

Get a brief overview, in English, of the Spanish version of our Special Education Advocacy Curriculum. The curriculum provides basic information that parents, educators, and non-attorney advocates need to support students and families in navigating the special ed system.