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July Is National Park and Recreation Month, a Great Time to Start Exercising

One great way to improve your health is to go outside and get moving. During the month of July, parks all across the United States will be celebrating Park and Recreation Month by holding fun events open to everyone. By taking part in these events, you will not only have a good time but you can also improve your health by exercising.

Exercising can help you stay in shape and keep a healthy weight. But, it also has other benefits. Activities like horseback riding can help improve coordination and physical fitness. Also, exercise can also help prevent heart disease, reduce risk of certain types of cancer, and improve mental health. Whether you enjoy playing basketball, practicing yoga, biking, swimming, or any other physical activity, staying active helps improve your health.

But, how much should you exercise per day? All adults – those with and without disabilities – should exercise at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes to stay healthy. Children should exercise at least 5 days a week for 60 minutes a day. While people with and without disabilities can do many physical activities, everyone should make sure to exercise at a safe level so they do not strain or hurt themselves. There are also resources specifically for people with disabilities that you can use to get ideas of how to stay active and healthy. The Arc’s HealthMeet program also promotes good health among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with local health assessments, webinars on health topics, and other information available online.

With so many different fun events and healthy activities available, July is the perfect month to visit your local park or recreation center. For more information about how to get to a park or how to get around a park, contact your local park or find information online about accessibility for people with disabilities.

With this information in mind, we hope you can make the most of your summer and get outside!