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Joey’s Story: King of “You Can Do Anything!”

This post was written by The Arc’s Sarah Bal, as told by Joey Ortiz.

My name is Joey Ortiz. Recently, I had the honor of being voted Homecoming King at Santa Maria High School. I want to share my story with you.

I have Down syndrome, which affects many individuals throughout the United States. I made the decision a long time ago not to let anything get in my way, not even Down syndrome. I work at a local supermarket everyday through a vocational education program and enjoy the opportunity to work in my community. Like my classmates I enjoy school and work hard to complete my assignments on time.

One day a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to become Homecoming King. A teacher asked me a few days later if I was still interested and I registered to be one of the nominees. I rallied my friends together and we made posters and hats to promote me around school. I went around and spoke with other members of the student body, some that I had never met before, and told them that I was running for Homecoming King. A lot of people were surprised, but most people said, “Go for it Joey!” and that is exactly what I did. Their encouragement helped me feel more confident and ready to keep campaigning.

The Homecoming rally was an exciting event for everyone at school. When all of the candidates were presented everyone clapped. When my name was announced there was a ton of applause and people began to chant my name. I realized then that I had a chance at winning.

That night at the Homecoming game people began to chant my name again while they stamped their feet in the bleachers. Then to my surprise and delight, I was elected Homecoming King. All of my work had paid off, and everyone at the school chose me. All I can say is that it makes my heart glad to think that so many people like me.

I just want anyone with Down syndrome or another disability to know that you can do anything!