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Grant Opportunity from the Coleman Institute

The request for proposals for the Coleman Institute’s Declaration Implementation Grants (DIGs) is out!

Chapters of The Arc have been in receipt of grants in the past. A video with additional information: even features some familiar faces from The Arc of Philadelphia & The Arc of Westchester!

Technology is a ubiquitous and valuable tool for billions of people worldwide, yet many people with cognitive disabilities have limited access to these tools for everyday living. As a means to address this inequality, The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities along with a coalition of disability organizations and individuals have asserted The Rights of People with Cognitive Disabilities to Technology and Information Access.  This statement of principles, commonly referred to as the “Declaration,” outlines what it means for the estimated 30 million Americans with cognitive disabilities to be meaningfully included in our technologically-driven society.  To date, over 2,541 individuals and organizations have endorsed the Declaration. Colorado and Maine have also enacted state legislative initiatives supporting the principles outlined in the Declaration.

The purpose of the Request for Proposals is to further advance the Declaration through local and statewide implementation grants.  Specifically through creative and effective approaches to increase awareness and demonstrate effective implementation of the principles outlined in the Declaration, as well as proposals that focus on applied cognitive technologies as a vehicle for accomplishing real-life practices. In the context of this proposal request, applied cognitive technologies are defined as “Technology supports that enable people with cognitive disabilities to successfully function in inclusive environments, to increase participation in tasks and activities in inclusive environments, and to promote social inclusion, self-determination, and quality of life.”

If you have any questions relating to DIGs, please email Genevieve Berry at