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DSP Toolkit Spotlight: Making A Realistic Job Preview (RJP) Work for You!

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One of the biggest challenges that almost all organizations face with DSPs is turnover. There are many reasons why employees leave, but ‘stress’ is one of the key factors stated. Role clarity, role overload, or role conflict are a major part of that stress. How can we ameliorate the issue? By taking a closer look at our hiring process.

Interviews carry a lot of weight for applicants and organizations. Both want to put their best foot forward. However, on the organizations end, this can result in an underrepresentation of what the job entails — especially if they are chatting with a candidate they really like. A situation can (and does) develop where a candidate accepts a job without a clear understanding of what the day-to-day work involves, leading to stress on the job.

This is how a RJP can help. Utilized as part of the hiring process, a RJP can provide clarity and help manage a candidate’s expectations of what the role entails. During the screening process, a RJP can vet potential applicants by letting those who are interested see key aspects of the job. During the interview process, the RJP can give the candidate insight into their potential role and validate for the hiring manager the ability/interest/desire/fit of the candidate for the opportunity.

A personalized RJP for use by chapters of The Arc is available as part of the DSP Toolkit. Check out a sample of the Preview tool here and reinvigorate your hiring process today!

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