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IDD and Mental Health: What We Are Learning About Challenges and Needs

This webinar reviews two recent projects to learn more about what people with IDD and mental illness need and how to better support people and families.

Grief and Loss in the Lives of People With IDD

This webinar focuses on the grief that comes after someone dies and how families and others can support people with IDD during the grief process.

Eliminating Barriers and Supporting People with IDD to Vote

This webinar reviews barriers people may face when voting and explores solutions to break down these barriers for people with IDD so that everyone can exercise their right to vote.

The Importance of Talking About Sex: The Elephant in the Room

This webinar explains why it is important for people, parents, and families to talk about sexuality and healthy intimate relationships.

Planning for and Using Technology Across a Lifespan

This webinar reviews the steps that people and their families should take to evaluate any needs that a person has that can be assisted by technology and provides tips and resources that families can use to find relevant technology.