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Assisting Crime Victims with Disabilities: Identifying Barriers & Improving Law Enforcement Response

This webinar explores barriers for effective working relationships between the police and people with disabilities, as well as recommendations for improving the response of the criminal justice system to crime victims with disabilities.

Connecting the Dots and Building Collaboration to Support People with Disabilities Who Experience Sexual Violence

This webinar explores issues frequently overlooked when addressing victimization, specifically sexual violence, against people with disabilities.

Crime Victims with Disabilities: An Overview for Professionals in the Criminal Justice System

In this webinar, Dr. Nora Baladerian provides an overview of people with disabilities and victimization for criminal justice professionals.

Understanding Behavioral Changes in Adults with I/DD and Dementia

Dr. Kathie Bishop and Ms. Kathleen Pears will go into detail regarding symptoms and behaviors associated with dementia in the I/DD population, and how sensory challenges can often be misinterpreted and associated with dementia.

Dementia in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Dr. Ronald Lucchino, President of the Board for the SW Florida Area Agency on Aging, gives a comprehensive overview of dementia including associated behaviors and symptoms, different types, and risk factors to misdiagnosing an adult with I/DD with dementia.