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Improving Support for Older Adults with IDD Who Have Dementia and Their Families

Summary of research on improving supports for people with IDD and dementia.

Making My Own Health Care Decisions: A Letter for My Doctor

The goal of this letter is to help more people with disabilities make their own decisions about their health.

Intellectual Disability and Dementia: A Caregiver’s Resource Guide for Rhode Island

This guide educates caregivers around how to become a health care advocate and support loved one’s through medical appointments and provide more information around screening, assessment, and diagnosis.

Talking About Dementia

This guide provides practical tips and strategies for families to use to consider how and when to start talking about dementia.

What is Dementia?

Down Syndrome Scotland created plain language resources for people with IDD about what dementia is, what dementia is like when you or other people have it, how you can help people who have dementia, and how to ask for help from supporters.