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Prisons as Institutions: An Overview of Challenges Facing Prisoners with I/DD and Proposed Solutions Under the ADA and Other Disability Rights Laws (University of Minnesota Impact Magazine, 2017)

Individuals with I/DD are dramatically over-represented in prisons and jails and face unique barriers. Powerful laws exist to protect them, but prisoners need accessible resources to assist them in advocating for their rights. This article explores recommendations to ensure equity for prisoners with I/DD.

Using the ADA's 'Integration Mandate' to Disrupt Mass Incarceration (Denver Law Review, 2019)

This document explores how advocates have used, and are beginning to use in new ways, the “integration mandate” of the Americans with Disabilities Act to advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities to avoid unnecessary entanglement with the criminal justice system.

Talk About Sexual Violence: Phase One Final Report

Talk About Sexual Violence gives health care professionals the basic tools they need to have a simple, direct, and honest conversation about an all too common experience faced by women with I/DD – sexual violence.

Talk About Sexual Violence: How to Have the Conversation With Female Survivors

This three-minute training video for medical professionals describes straightforward measures to take and tips to follow during a routine appointment with a patient who has experienced sexual violence.

Talk About Sexual Violence: Kecia Meets with Her Doctor

This three-minute training video demonstrates approaches for medical professionals to use during a routine appointment with a patient who may have experienced sexual violence.