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Talk About Sexual Violence Focus Group Report: People With Disabilities

This report details the findings of conversation groups where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities discussed their experiences in appointments with medical providers.

Talk About Sexual Violence Focus Group Report: Medical Providers

It is important to learn how medical appointments can be more supportive and patient-centered, especially if someone has experienced sexual assault. Conversation groups were designed as a live, online video session with medical professionals who answered questions about their practices with patients who had been sexually assaulted, including those with disabilities. This focus group details the findings from those conversation groups. 

Know Your Rights: Crime Victims with Disabilities

People with disabilities are often involved in the criminal justice system. It is important for victims to know that they have rights.

Ending Victimization of People with IDD by Bullies

In this webinar, participants will learn what bullying is, how to respond to it, and how to get support.

Victimization and People With Disabilities: It's Real TALKS Train-the-Trainer Discussion Guide

The guide helps organizations, direct support professionals, first responders, and victim services professionals to develop a better understanding of victimization and disability and how to address it.