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An Overview of ABLE Accounts

ABLE accounts are one way for people with disabilities to save money and not lose their public benefits. Learn more about them in this video.

Know Your Rights: Crime Victims with Disabilities

People with disabilities are often involved in the criminal justice system. It is important for victims to know that they have rights.

Ending Victimization of People with IDD by Bullies

In this webinar, participants will learn what bullying is, how to respond to it, and how to get support.

Talk About Sexual Violence: A Conversation Guide for Patients With Disabilities

It is important that you talk openly with your medical providers about sexual abuse and abuse prevention. This guide has suggestions to help you share your experiences with medical providers.

Crime Victims With Disabilities: Know Your Rights

As a crime victim with a disability, it may be hard to know what to do. With this resource you can know your rights and where to find help.