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Talk About Sexual Violence Focus Group Report: Medical Providers

It is important to learn how medical appointments can be more supportive and patient-centered, especially if someone has experienced sexual assault. Conversation groups were designed as a live, online video session with medical professionals who answered questions about their practices with patients who had been sexually assaulted, including those with disabilities. This focus group details the findings from those conversation groups. 

Talk About Sexual Violence: A Conversation Guide for Health Care Providers

It is critical that healthcare professionals and their patients talk openly about sexual violence and abuse prevention. This guide offers suggestions designed to facilitate conversations about sexual violence and provide patients with a safe environment in which to share their experiences and get the support they need.

Talk About Sexual Violence: A Conversation Guide for Patients With Disabilities

It is important that you talk openly with your medical providers about sexual abuse and abuse prevention. This guide has suggestions to help you share your experiences with medical providers.

Talk About Sexual Violence Phase 3 Introduction

Now in its third year, the Talk About Sexual Violence project will build on its success by not only preparing health care professionals to have much-needed conversations about sexual violence with people with IDD, but to know how to use a supported decision-making lens that supports victim-centered approaches. This flyer gives an overview of the Phase 3 project focus and related information.

Talk About Sexual Violence: Survivor Perspectives

Two survivors of sexual violence discuss their experiences and journey of healing.