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Introduction to The Arc@School Advocacy Curriculum in Spanish

Get a brief overview, in English, of the Spanish version of our Special Education Advocacy Curriculum. The curriculum provides basic information that parents, educators, and non-attorney advocates need to support students and families in navigating the special ed system.

Talk About Sexual Violence: Phase Three Final Report

This comprehensive Talk About Sexual Violence summary report provides key findings, innovative solutions, and a call to action from survivors with disabilities, health care professionals, and other advocates.

Shifting Our View: A Person-Centered Journey

In this webinar, the Executive Director of The Arc of Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin Counties, discusses how she embarked on a journey with their advocacy team during COVID to “shift their views” and attempted to understand the thoughts and feelings of the people who came to support them.

Restrained and Secluded: How a Change in Perspective for Students With Disabilities and Simple Science Can Change Everything

Students with disabilities are more likely to be restrained, secluded, suspended, expelled, and subjected to corporal punishment. Learn how neuroscience and a new lens on behavior can reduce and eliminate punitive practices.

2023 Talk About Sexual Violence Final Report: Transforming Health Care to Address Sexual Violence of People With IDD

Get an overview of the key findings and recommendations of the Talk About Sexual Violence project over the past seven years.