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Partnering With The Arc on Inclusive Volunteering Projects

Partnering with The Arc to offer or expand inclusive volunteer opportunities in your community brings you and your organization several benefits.

Volunteering: For People with Disabilities

Being a volunteer gives you the opportunity to share your time, talents, and energy with people in your community. This page shares resources you can use to create and find volunteer opportunities in your community.

Volunteering: For Family Members

You can help your family member find places to volunteer, address any challenges, and celebrate a job well done. This page provides resources that you can use to support your family member to volunteer.

Volunteering: For Disability Professionals

Disability professionals play a key role in encouraging people with disabilities to engage in civic opportunities like volunteering. This resource provides information on how you can help foster inclusive volunteering opportunities for people you support.

Volunteering: For Volunteer Coordinators

Many volunteer programs are not comfortable including people with disabilities or don’t know how to help people volunteer. This resource shares tips for volunteer coordinators to support and engage volunteers with disabilities.