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Neli Latson Pardon

The Arc's advocacy efforts to see a pardon for Neli Latson, a Black man with autism and intellectual disability

Prepared4ALL: Whole Community Inclusive Emergency Planning

This free course, created by AUCD, is designed to increase your knowledge about whole community emergency planning, including COVID-19 planning, as well as provide you the basic information needed to connect with your own local emergency planners, public health professionals, and community.

How Marginalized Families Are Left Behind in Disability Education Services and How to Address It

In this webinar, learn about the barriers marginalized families face, the historical and systemic factors that contribute to them, and the long-term implications.

Examining How Crisis Standards of Care May Lead to Intersectional Medical Discrimination Against COVID-19 Patients

Historically marginalized populations have experienced and continue to experience discrimination by medical professionals, including pervasive negative biases and inaccurate assumptions about their value, quality of life, capacity to communicate and make decisions, and likelihood of survival. Scarce resources during COVID-19 have exacerbated these biases when deciding who receives treatment. This guide provides an explanation of these “crisis standards of care” and recommended strategies to ensure the non-discriminatory application of crisis standard of care guidelines.

The HCBS Access Act: A Law 70 Years in the Making

Our system of disability services and supports has come a long way, but many people with disabilities and their families still struggle to access what they need to live a quality life in the community. This webinar discusses new legislation that would provide real solutions to problems that have persisted for decades, and how you can help it move forward.